Pyramid Solitaire is a patience game for one player.  Remove pairs of cards equal to 13 to win this game!  Below is the video tutorial and explanation for Wish Solitaire.

Pyramid Solitaire Tutorial:


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Needed: 52 card deck

Setup: The game is setup by creating a pyramid with 7 row.  The top row has 1 card.  Each additional row has an additional card, and overlap the row above it.  The remaining deck is placed at the bottom of the pyramid.  

Objective: The object of the game is to remove all the cards from the pyramid.  Cards are removed in pairs that equal 13.  Kings are removed without a pair.

Card Values:
  • Aces: 1
  • 2s-10s: Face Value
  • Jacks: 11
  • Queens: 12
  • Kings: 13

Play:  The game begins by removing any pair available that equals 13 when combined.  Cards from the remaining deck can be flipped up and used as a pair to remove cards.  When a card has no other cards overlapping it, it is open.  Only open cards can be removed.  The cards continue to be flipped and paired if possible.  A waste pile is created for cards flipped from the deck with no pair available.  

Play continues until all cards have been removed from the pyramid, or there are no more moves to make.

  • The top card on the deck and the top waste pile card can be combined and removed if equal to 13.  
  • The top card of the waste pile can be paired and removed with a card from the pyramid if equal to 13.   
  • An open move can be skipped if wanted. 
  • Once the deck runs out, the waste pile can be turned over to reset the deck to draw from.