The game Jacks is a fun game that has been around a long time.  Strong hand-eye coordination is needed to win this game! Below you will find the video tutorial and explanation.

Jacks Tutorial:


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Needed: 10 jacks, 1 bouncy ball

Objective:  The object of the game is to throw the ball in the air, pick up a certain amount of jacks, and then catch the ball after it bounces once.  The amount of jacks that get picked up depends on the round you are in.

Game Play: The game begins with the first player tossing the 10 jacks onto a playing surface.  In the first round, the player will need to pick up one jack with each toss of the ball.  If one jack is successfully picked up, the picked up jack is moved to the player’s opposite hand, and the process is repeated.  If the player fails to pick up a jack and catch the ball, that player’s turn is over. 

If a player successfully picks up all 10 jacks, 1 at a time, the player moves to round 2.  In round 2 players will need to pick up 2 jacks with each toss of the ball.  If a player successfully picks up all 10 jacks, 2 at a time, the player moves to round 3.  In round 3, the players will pick up 3 jacks with each toss of the ball, with the exception of the last toss.  For the last toss there will only be 1 jack left, and the player will only need to pick up the 1 remaining jack to finish the third round.  

Round: Jacks to pick up
Three: 3-3-3-1
Four: 4-4-2
Five: 5-5
Six: 6-4
Seven: 7-3
Eight: 8-2
Nine: 9-1
Ten: 10

Winning: The first player to complete round 10 is the winner.

  • The same hand must be used to toss the ball, pick up the jacks, and catch the ball.
  • Your turn is over if you foul by not catching the ball, letting the ball bounce more than once, letting the ball hit a jack on the table, fail to pick up the correct amount of jacks, or touch another jack that is not being picked up.
  • After a foul, when play returns to you, you will start from the beginning of the round you previously fouled in.
  • If the first toss of jacks to start a round results in 2 or more jacks touching, re-toss the touching jacks.