Faro is a gambling game popular in the old west for 2 or more players.  Choose the right card to win your bet!  Below you will find the video tutorial and explanation.

Faro Tutorial:


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Needed: 52 card deck, additional Ace through King of Spades, 2+ players, betting chips, penny per player

Card Rank: King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace

Setup:  The additional spade cards are laid out from ace up to king to form the betting board.  Each player is given chips for betting and a penny.  One player will need to be the banker, and will handle the 52 card deck.  

Objective: The object is to win bets.  During game play, the banker will turn 2 cards over at a time.  The first card is the losing card, the second card is the winning card.  Players with chips on the losing card will lose their bet.  Players with chips on the winning card will win their bet.

Play:  The game begins the banker showing every player the first card.  Then, players will place a bet on the card rank they think will be the winning card.  

After all bets are made, the dealer will flip over the top 2 cards.  The first card flipped is the losing card and any player’s with bets on that card will loses the bet made to the banker.  The second card flipped is the winning card, and the banker will pay out all players with bets placed on the winning card.  The payout is equal to the bet made by the player. 
The 2 cards flipped are placed to the side.  Players can keep their current bets, move their bets, or add and remove bets.  Multiple bets can be made by a player, and players can bet on the same card rank.  

The banker will then flip the next 2 cards over.  The first card flipped is the losing card again.  The second card flipped is the winning card again.  The banker takes the losing bets, and pays out the winning bets.  Bets continue to be made in between each turn.
If the losing and winning cards are the same rank, the banker takes half of the bets made on that card rank.

A player can bet that the winning card will be higher than the losing card.  This bet is made with the banker saying, betting the high card.  If won, the banker pays out an equal amount as bet.  

A player can bet on the losing card by placing the penny on top of the chips.  Players can place their penny on a high card bet to bet that the losing card is higher than the winning card.  

The cards that have been flipped throughout the game are kept visible to all players.  Players can reference these cards when determining what card rank to bet on.  

At the end of the round there will be 3 cards remaining before the last turn.  Players have the option to place a bet on the order in which the last 3 card ranks will be flipped.  The turn is played as normal.  Then, the last card is revealed.  Any player to correctly guess the order of the 3 cards is paid out 4 times the bet.  If the last 3 cards includes a pair, the payout is 2 times the amount bet.

Rule: If a player makes a bet on a card has already been flipped 4 times, it is known as making a dead bet.  The first player to notice a dead bet, including the banker, can take the bet.