Cee-Lo is an easy-to-learn dice game for multiple players.  You will need to roll the right combinations to win this game!  Below is the video tutorial and explanation for Straight Shooter.

Cee-Lo Tutorial:


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Needed: 3 Dice; Something to bet

Setup: Each player will roll 1 die to start.  The player that rolls the highest number is the first banker in game play.

Bet: The banker makes a bet with each player.

Objective: The object of the game is to roll the better dice combination.

Dice Combinations
Instant win: 4-5-6; 3-of-a-kind; Pair + 6
Instant loss: 1-2-3; Pair + 1
Set point: Pair + 2; Pair + 3; Pair + 4; Pair + 5
Dead roll: any other combination (re-roll)

Game Play: The banker rolls the three dice first.  If the banker rolls an instant win combination, he/she wins all the bets made.  If the banker rolls an instant loss combination, he/she loses all the bets made.  If the banker sets a point, each other player will get a turn to roll the dice.  If a player gets an instant win or a better point, he/she wins the bet.  If a player rolls a dead roll, the player will roll the dice again.  

Rules:  If a player rolls a 4-5-6 combination, he/she becomes the banker in the next round.

Variation: The banker rotates clockwise after each round.